[MV] items for sale

Frank Robertson (tankdriv@gte.net)
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 14:46:35 -0600

OK everyone I have just got a M5A1 Stuart Tank to restore and have fun with.
Anybody have any extra parts, books, supplies, info etc. let me know The
Fellow has some other items for sale

Gama-goat 13,500
WC 43 Ambulance restored 8,500
Mk1 Ferret 2 1 at 11,000 mostly restored, and 1 at 8,500 as is
Military 6,000 lbs cherry picker 16,000
Patton tank restored 155,000
water buffalo trailer like new 1,550.00

If interested let me know and I'll give you his number (doesn't want it on
internet)May come down some on prices.

/ [___][___] \ FRANK ROBERTSON
/\_ [o] [o] _/\ Memphis, Tn USA
|w|\u u/|w|
|w| \_______/ |w|
[w] [w]
M20 Armored Car

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