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>Whilst watching the movie, I had the feeling that it was shot in or around

>Australia due to the predominance of Studebaker deuces.

Move was made near Port Douglas on the northern queensland coast of Australia. Some scenes were also shot in Solomon Islands.

>I assume the P39 Aircobra's were mock ups as they did not move. The LCVP's and

>LCM? were a nice touch.


I was on the set in about July last year - all the planes were mock-ups as you suggested but 1 or 2 real planes were supposed to have been flown in from somewhere. Plenty of Jeeps and Studies on the set - these all came up for sale just after the movie was completed. The airstrip was actually made on one of my clients cane farms. I think they paid him a packet to allow them to move onto his land for so long.


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