Re: [MV] Enlarged brake drum (potential) problem

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Wed, 27 Jan 1999 08:10:38 -0000

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Date: 26 January 1999 19:09
Subject: Re: [MV] Enlarged brake drum (potential) problem

>Not compatible means just that! They don't mix. I installed the DOT 5
>fluid in systems that were basically new. ie: rebuilt master cylinder,
>new lines and wheel cylinders. I'm not sure what to use to flush the
>system if doing a change-over. Maybe someone can shed some light
>on that subject.
The advice we're given here is to either use all new and uncontaminated
parts or thoroughly flush the system with methylated spirits, which I
think the US might call wood alcohol or methyl alcohol.

Silicon fluid has the capability to make some "rubber" parts of unknown
composition into thick chewing gum however, like my one-handed bleeding
kit; personally I can't see the advantage as its difficult to bleed
becoming readily aerated, carries all the initial flushing hassles, a
lower boiling point and with total non-compatibility to all the other
common fluids.

(Southampton UK)

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