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>This is a question for the members in the UK. I have been working on
my 43
>GPW, completeing the restoration to a 1st A/B Recce jeep but I have had
>hard time finding important information about things added on in
>service. The thing that is deviling me at the moment is getting the
>information to build the proper mounts for the mounting of the No. 19
or 22
>sets in the Airborne configuration.
There are three good sources of original information in the UK.
Royal Signals Museum
REME Museum
Public Records Office

PRO at Kew will doubtless have first generation prints from original
plate photographs but it means a personal visit to trawl the archives.

The contact info for all military museums can be found at:

You may also find some original photographs at the 1st A/B museum or the
regimental museum that now incorporates this group.

I have several photographs and line drawings of jeep radio
configurations and 19/22 set mountings from a radio specific book, if
you would like these separately, it will be a big file. . . . . . . .

There is also a web site for the 19 set specifically.

(Southampton UK)

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