[MV] (Fwd) M35 Multi-fuel pressure plate

David C. Barbieri (barbiedc@maadmin.marshall.tstc.edu)
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 07:39:37 CST

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Hi Guys -

My Powertrains class has rebuilt a Spicer 5 spd tranny (3053A),
andis in the process of installing it. We had the flywheel resurfaced
by our local NAPA machine shop ($45, beautiful job), and I have a
new metallic puck clutch disc and throw-out bearing. Our problem -
the original pressure plate is cracked and 'wore plumb out', and
there's no spare. Several local truck parts supply houses have
been scratching their collective heads. "That's a 12.5" plate. We
can get ya a 12" or a 13", but _no one_ stocks a 12.5" ". Great.
So, in desperation, I head to Tyler (1 hour west) to W.C. Supply.
These folks specialize in rebuilding drivetrain components.
Their clutch guy takes one look at the plate and says, "No sweat.
What ya got there is a Ford 13" pressure plate. Used on Ford
trucks from one-and-a-half tons up to three tons. Common as
dirt. $110. Have six in stock." YEEHAW! The project continues!

Dave Barbieri

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