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Earlier, Richard wrote:

>Most of the post-war UK fighting vehicles do not use "brake fluid" as
> we know it but an ISO 15 hydraulic oil (OM 13)... the component parts
>of these systems appear to use standard commercial items.

It'd be pretty interesting to see what type of rubber/synthetic
material the pistons/boots/cups are made of. I've had the
[mis]fortune to witness the results of someone inadvertantly
adding mineral-based oil (engine oil/ATF) to the brake system.
Wheel cylinder cups and caliper o-rings became softened and
swollen, causing the shoes/pads to drag. Incredible mess to
repair; _all_ components had to be rebuilt or replaced, and the
system had to be flushed repeatedly. (Gotta tell ya - one helping of
this good fun is _more_ than enuff!)

Steve also chimed in, writing:

> I have wondered about ATF myself. I have been told about heat. Well, most auto
> tranny's get pretty hot especially in the summer.

Yup. Most ATF/engine oil begans to degrade at temps over 325
degrees F; DOT 5 has a boiling point of 356 degrees F. The max temps
are pretty close, and like Richard says, there _are_ components out
there that will reliably work in this environment. Considering DOT 5
brake fluid is only slightly less expensive than tungsten, it'd be
great to use a readily-available, inexpensive hydraulic fluid like

> Wonder if the 1st person to 'discover' this lived through the experience...

Ya mean 'Flash'? (Sorry. Kidding. Just Kidding) 8-D

Dave Barbieri

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