Re: [MV] 77 military dodge 3/4 ton truck questions
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:29:49 EST

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<< What are the bennefits or problems with the front axles on a military dod=
ge 3/4 ton truck for daily use
without lockout feature? Does is make sense to convert to front end that=
lockouts can be used? >>
There is a problem with the transfer case if you want to run with unlockable
hubs. The vehicle uses a differential transfer case that drives the
driveshafts the same way a differential drives the axles. If you unlock the
fron end (or remove the driveshaft) and don't modify the transfer you will
have to run with the transfer in the locked (4WD) position. I have run like
this when I blew up the front CV joint in my '880. I ran like this for quite a
while without ill effect. The '880 that I own was my daily driver for almost 3
yrs. they are a great truck!

Good Luck!
Mike Wheeler
Southern Oregon MVCC

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