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Just to let you know you will run afoul of D.O.T. regulations. Number 2
furnace fuel should be dyed red
which will get you a LARGE fine if/when caught. Suffice it to say you could
buy a couple of M-35's for the fine.
The only color diesel fuel allowed on US roads is (light)'s
nickname is antifreeze diesel. If you NEVER get on the interstate highway
system at all and only run local you might get away with it but like I
said earlier the fine is big time which includes you can't move it under
it's own power from where it was caught (illegal fuel IE:no Federal highway
taxes paid) until it is legal. This means drain the entire fuel system and
flush it to get rid of the dye. Think this is a joke?? Get on channel CB 19
and talk to some road drivers and see what there opinions are...they will
about match mine.

An informed driver can often avoid fines by knowing more about a
subject which applies to him than
the officer that stopped you.

James Shanks
(N1VBN is my Ham Radio callsign)

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Subject: [MV] FUEL???

>I have an endless supply of furnace # 2 diesel fuel and I have a multi-fuel
>69 Kaiser 2.5 ton truck.
>Do any of you see any possibilities for me on this?? should I add something
>like Outboard Mix to my fuel if I burn it?? if so how much?? is that enough
>lube in the fuel to get the job done?? what about long term effects?? do
>need more or less sulfur?? and what can I add to fix this problem...... the
>manual lists this fuel as an "emergency fuel".. but is there an
>alternative?? thanks
>Damon Lehr
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