[MV] Tires and Rims

David Lorenz (dlorenz@plinet.com)
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 19:54:29 -0700

***Note this may have been sent earlier...ISP problems***

I have been following the thread on the rims and tires closely an I have
a question regarding the
"super singles". The standard M54 5 ton tire size is 11:00x20. The
super single is 14:00x20. The
M54A2 utilizes 10 of the standard tires and the M41 utilizes six of the
super singles. My question is,
can you place the six super single tires on the M54 without any problems
from clearance between
the rear axles and the frame? I also heard their are adapters for this
modification. If so adapters to
be used where? Finally, is their a special rim for the super single?
Thanks in advance for helping to
clear this up for me.

Future M54A2

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