[MV] 900-20 M35 wheels on an M37

Thu, 28 Jan 1999 19:04:09 -0800

To all concerned:
Here's the trauma that I went thru. I had to find a shop capable of
making any size adapter that I needed. I found one that will do it in
11" solid Aluminum, 2" thick for 500.00 (4 adapters). This includes
materials, toolup time, etc.
I then came across a Co. with 11x 2" thick Carbon steel discs. After
taking them to the Machine shop, they cut an exact 4.75" center hole, to
which I mill .790" holes for the M35 studs and the holes for the Dodge
studs. I would advise you to bevel the holes, for the Dodge lugnuts to
seat into. These discs weigh about 75lbs EACH!!! Yikes, but strong as
This whole adaption will drop the:
5.83 ratio to 4.78,
4.89 ratio to 4.01
The ground clearance went up 5" and the thing still rolls under the
garage door (windshield down) !

Now to find a SAE #3 bellhousing to mount the Spicer 5speed to the
Cummins 6A3.9TD
diesel. (2" longer than the Flat6), so electric fan I go........

Iron Mike (crazy Ivan?)

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