Re: [MV] FUEL???

jonathon (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 00:22:27 -0600

> Just to let you know you will run afoul of D.O.T. regulations. Number 2
>furnace fuel should be dyed red
>which will get you a LARGE fine if/when caught. Suffice it to say you could
>buy a couple of M-35's for the fine.
>The only color diesel fuel allowed on US roads is (light)'s
>nickname is antifreeze diesel.

Every drop of #2 I have ever bought (except Amoco in the early-mid 80's) is
yellow. I burn #1 in the winter which is either purple or clear. I've
bought off-road #2 for a cat which is red (used to be blue), but I've never
seen green. Is the color scheme universal nationwide???


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