[MV] Re: Compressibility of H2O

jonathon (jemery@execpc.com)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 00:22:07 -0600

>Yipes! ANOTHER cherished myth exploded! I would like to learn more. >Can
you refer me to the source of this information on water?

It was in a machinist trade magazine. Don't recall which one, either
American Machinist, Modern Machine Shop, Metalfax, Machine Design, Design
News, or Cutting Tool Engineering (I think that covers my ussual
subscriptions) .The Article was about water jet cutting machines that run
hydraulic powered booster pumps that pressurize the water up to the 50k to
60k psi range. An abrasive is mixed in at the nozzle for cutting metals.
I've job'ed out several parts for water cutting, not as precise as laser but
it can cut thicker material. BTW, I'm not sure about the 11%. That's what I
thought I remembered. I do recall that I was very surprised at how high it was.


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