[MV] M38a1 springs

Richard Van Hoomissen (rvanhoo@IBM.net)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 16:24:27 -0800

looking at rear, the left side of tub measured 22"to floor while right
was 24". floor level tp same, had just exercised it around the block.
took left rear tire off having jacked it up at pintel. examined extended
sping with bright lite and all seemed good. right side also. lowered
jeep forgetting to remove blocks under left spring. looked much better.
jacked to remove blocks remeasured ...stii low on left but no so much.
Went to right sideand gave a hefty tug on topbow pulling tug up on left
side. Now measured equal Any ideas on what to do to maintain without
abusing top bow? Richard

By the way when replacing lost fastener on instrument panel screws it
works best to bend the fastener in the middle to install in the
instrument board. If you try to bend the tab it will break off.

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