Re: [MV] FUEL???

John Edwards (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 17:51:47 +1100

We in Australia have similar issues with law enforcement people. As LHD jeep
in a RHD world isn't the sanest thing to drive. Power poles get awfully
close some times you know (bad camber).

But being good jeep people we drive our jeeps at about 35-45 mph on the
freeway and really low around town. Pretty tame stuff. In the country we
have limits of 60mph, so a jeep going through Police radar doesn't even
register. Two things'll happen, they'll stop what they're doing and wave at
you like long lost brothers, or they'll pull you over to have a look at you
and the jeep. It's all a bit of fun on both sides. I've never seen anything
nasty after 20 years of owning an MV.

A friend with a Saracen got pulled over late one night and all the Police
wanted to know how do we get in, do you have a licence, and how many miles
per gallon does it get. He replied, you don't get in, I get out, yes and not

Regards from down under,

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>regarding the attention a 21/2 ton gets....... almost none, maybe even
>less than none. cops ignore you no matter how fast you are going. i
>drove from western nc to central md on wv dealer tags and was passed by
>at least 30 police. didn't even look at me. and i was flying along at
>almost 50.
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