[MV] Police and MVs (was fuel???)

Henry J. Fackovec (fackovec@nycpd.com)
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 08:27:05 -0500

In over 20 years in the hobby, living in three states and a variety of cites (Ranging from NYC to small towns in Massachusetts, I have over all had very good experiences with police and the MV.

The only exception is in the town I live in, the selective enforcement officer has made a carear out of breaking my chops and writing me expensive tickets ($ 200.00 a shot).

If I want to move any of the vehicles with antique plates out of the driveway other than on Sunday, I will need to get regular plates. he does not recognize that you should be able to drive them for maintance etc.

The solution is to move to NH where the laws are more friendly.

The best place to drive MVs was NYC, the cops just did not want to know.<<G>



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