Re: [MV] 900-20 M35 wheels on an M37

DP Dusenbury (
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 07:05:01 -0500

> 65mph! If you're curious, contact Leo Porter at Midway Supply Company
> (214) 399-1531. Discalimer: It's been several years since I last
> visited/talked with Leo. Not sure about current availability or pricing.
Thanks. Leo's still around, they say, trying to retire. I'm putting in
an Advance Adapters Ranger overdrive, setup on the front for a 350V8,
the rear is drilled for the T98 transmission. My gears will still turn
hard, but the 350 rpm's will be cut by 27%.

I'm looking at either standard tires (m&s, not ndt), or the 38.5"
boggers, about 5" taller than stock.

DP     (O|||||||O)

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