Re: [MV] contact details
Fri, 1 Oct 1999 09:44:46 EDT

Lars, "The 1940's Today" magazinehas advertised in the World War II
Magazine. They give their address as P.O. Box 20006, Department A, Towson,
MD (Maryland) 21284. You may call them at (800)-THE-1940's although I'm not
sure if the 800 number works for foreign calls. They also have a Fax line at
(410) 663-3110.

I'm not familiar with the WWII Military Journal from San Diego; however, I
stongly recomment the "World War II Magazine" a division of Cowles Media.
They have their editorial offices in Leesburg, Virginia. They can be reached
at or foreign phone at (904) 446-6914 Domestic
phone at (800) 829-3340. Published 6 times yearly and full of interesting
information about both well known and obscure events of the time period.

Tom Campbell - Birmingham, Alabama

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