[MV] M38 For Sale

Fri, 1 Oct 1999 23:18:44 EDT

Hello everyone,
I have decided to sell the 1951 M38 that I had started working on a few
months ago. The new Unimog has caught my attention and the older slower
vehicles have caught the back burner. I have 6 photos and a general
description on a web site at


If anyone has problems accessing this site please let me know, it was setup
in a hurry! The asking price is $3800 and as stated on the Web Site this
isn't a museum quality jeep, it still needs some work, but with some brake
adjustment and new paint (included 1 gallon semi-gloss OD) it would be "motor
pool" or "Parade" ready. Please E-mail me with questions. The jeep is
located in NC.

Andy Purser

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