Re: [MV] jeep floor pan

jonathan p boos (
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 21:57:53 -0700

Yes I have done it. I replaced the entire pan, cutting well into
the foot wells and around the tranni hump. went right back to the "step"
up to the after deck. Drill out the spot welds with a
spot-weld-driller-thingy and use those holes for your re-assembly. I was
able to get the whole floor with all of the channel pieces out of one
sheet of metal. I was also able to reuse the ends of the tank sump. It
made it a bit easier to pattern the sump. I also did my axe and shovel
channels kind of piece meal as I did not have a box or finger brake to
fasion the m in one piece.REMEMBER! Save ALL of your old pieces no matter
HOW bad they look, until the last weld is thown. This is the voice of
experience talking. I did this job with just a few tips from a friend and
it came out quite nice. It was also my first attempt at body work. Now I
am not so scared of it. Have fun. Jonathan

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