Re: [MV] M109A3 speedometer cable, etc.

Joe Foley (
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 19:52:39 -0700 (PDT)

> As long as I'm here, I have a few miscellaneous
> questions:
> * Are the oil filter elements disposable or are they
> clean-and-reuse
> types?
Don't know.

> * How do I determine what type of brake fluid is in
> the truck, so I
> don't mix it with something incompatible?
Don't know.

> * Are there any common civilian replacements for any
> of the filters
> (oil, fuel, air, etc), which I might be able to
> get at the local Pep
> Boys?
Don't know.

> * There was an article in the last Military Vehicles
> magazine about
> do-it-yourself split-ring wheel mounting. Am I
> crazy to consider
> this?
YES!!! But if you must, chain the bitch!!

> * If the answer to the above question is "no", would
> an old-fashioned
> mechanical bead breaker work OK on a split-ring
> rim? One of my pilot
> friends at the airport where my truck lives has
> one for his airplane
> tires, and I've never had good aim with a
> hammer... I figure I'd
> probably wreck the rim with a tire hammer!
You're looking for a slide hammer type thingy, 'bout
six feet long with a spoon/flared end to put on the
bead and force it down, that should do it, might have
to work around the wheel for a while until it goes
down all the way 'round. Then you can pry the ring
off,.......... but not until you have the bead down
about 4", the bead covers the inside of the ring. Oh
yeah, the bead has two pieces of 3/8" cable inside it,
on each side.

P.S. If you blow your head off don't call me!

Joe F.

PP.SS. Just had a benefit here for a guy who had an
aluminum stock car wheel come apart while he was
mounting it. He might get back full use of the leg
that was almost severed, the arm is another story,
he's still in a wheel chair and this happened three
weeks ago!!!


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