[MV] How much is this M38 worth?

Randy Harnish (ranharnish@parlorcity.com)
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 01:00:23 -0500


You asked, " how much is this M38 worth"? Good question!...You stated the
fella told you it had a ground up RESTORATION, with NOS engine only 990
miles ago.......But then you go on to say it was painted in four color camo,
tires only 60 %, needs all new canvas seats, top needs repaired, and has
been converted to 12 V......I'm confused.....I would suggest you take it to
a specialist in MV restorations and have him go thru it with a fine tooth
comb. This M38 needs a knowledgable individual to put a price on it. When a
seller proclaims to have given it a "GROUND UP", and says "he thinks it's
worth a quite a bit", though doesn't know how much, beware, and approach
with caution. Just my two cents worth.


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