Re: [MV] Military Flak Jackets

Juho Paaso (
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 17:54:39 +0300

How long has this restriction been in effect ? And does it apply to some
certain flak-jacket type ?
I recall back in the late 80's when dad as an UN Filed Service Officer
hgad to commute between Tiberias Israel (home) to work in Metullah
S.Lebanon. He drove a hard top jeep forget what type but in anycase he
had furbished the vehicle with some 10 odd flak jackets . He didn't wear
any of them just had em hanging on the back. He said that as bullet
stoppers they sucked ( apparently he had tested them 'imself) but they
did minimize the amount of shrapnel flying about. I recall they were US
made flak jackets !

Julian Burke wrote:

May I remind you that these types of items CANNOT BE EXPORTED
> OUT SIDE OF CONUS! (CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES) These are on the prohibited
> list and you will have HELL to pay if they should fall into the wrong hands
> and traced back to you.

Juho Paaso
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