[MV] USMC gas cans

Thu, 7 Oct 1999 01:00:46 EDT

Hello list'
I bought two steel "gas cans "at a sale. Both cans are Stamped with USMC on
the lower side approx. 2" high. The cap is of the British type with the
caming type of cap. The can bottom & handle are similar in construction to
the standard leaky US cans with the roll welding around the base The interior
is coated with a reddish sealant. The bottom of the base is stamped " Camco "
& 10/15/42 One is OD & the second is red (repainted )? These cans came south
from an unnamed Alaskan military base in the 1950 "s. What pattern are these
cans & are they for gas or water?

Chris Kachel

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