Re:[MV] Gas tank, valves for Willys MB

Antoine (
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 22:27:02 -0700

I have just received the repair estimate for my Willys MB which
stood neglected in Normandy for a tad too long: Gas had
decomposed, and water (rust) had made its way into the gas tank
which I had left only half-full...
The repair estimate from by mechanic in Normandy is (Gulp!)
close to 5,300 French Francs..., including a new gas tank, new
valves, new fuel filter and new battery.
I am not familiar with sources in the US of A for "reasonable"
replacement gas tanks and filler necks, and exhaust/intake
valves & springs... Any lead from you all certified "jeepists"
on the list will be much appreciated...

43 Willys MB (Hybrid)
43 MBT Trailer
Harley-Davidson 42 WLA
Harley-Davidson 42 XA (x2)
MVPA #14803, MVCG France

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