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...Date: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 3:24 PM
Subject: [MV] MB jeep Serial Number Question

....a friend of mine. He is restoring a Willys jeep. The frame number is MB
203409. He was told that it was made in January of 1943. Can anyone please
verify this?
If correct, what would be the correct USA number for the hood?
Thanks, Dean 44 GPW
Colin Macgrgeor Stevens replies:

MB 201910 1-18-43 USA 20254386 (Mr. Rubiales, CA, USA)
MB 201961 1-10-43 ?
MB 202203 (Canova, Italy)
MB 203409 ** (your friend's MB)
MB204065 1-19-43
MB 204735 1-20-43 (Blua, Italy)
(Owner's name etc. in brackets where known)

The USA numbers do not correlate directly with the serial numbers, but
likely are in batches - I need more data!!! Also some foreign orders (e.g.
to Canada in 1942 for 5,000 MBs would have thrown sequence off a bit. I
suspect they parked the vehicles in a field and an Army guy went around with
stencils and applied numbers - in the order they were parked, not by serial
number. From the above serial number/USA # you should be able to calculate
the APPROXIMATE USA # for the above jeep. PLEASE have owner keep records
that this is not the original USA # ! I suggest writing this info inside
glovebox - for future owners.

Off list to I would appreciate any data to add to my data
base so as to help others in the future. Am interested in MB body tub
numbers, and MB/GPW dash SN, frame SN (whether same or different), dates
(preferably as stamped), engine SN, USA or WD numbers, any vehicle known
history (user units, markings etc.) and name, address etc. of current owner.

I hope the above helps.

Colin Macgregor Stevens
MVPA Member 954 (since 1977)
& member B Coy 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion (Living History)
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada
Personal web site:
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