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Renaud, very interesting point indeed, and I am sure you are
right. In my case: many of this jerrycans which I still have
came "with the house" when my family bought the estate in
1958... We do have a large underground cistern for fuel oil, but
these might have contained diesel fuel at the time...
Thanks for a good bit of jerrycan trivia!

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> Antoine;
> Those US jerrycans modified with a German / English spout were
common after
> the war; they were bought in bulk by sellers of heating oil
who used them
> for deliveries.
> The spout were changed to make them a bit more leakproof, the
German /
> English pattern spout giving a more positive closure than the
> screw lid.
> The German / English spout with mounting flange used in the
conversion were
> made by Aubry, who still makes and sell jerrycans. (they also
sell the
> rubber gasket if anyone is interested)
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