[MV] Deuce Unit Markings

Jay Keine (k9baylee@hotmail.com)
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 17:56:01 PDT

Hi List,

I've had my deuce for about 3 weeks now and I am having a blast, even though
trying to change the oil, fuel filters, etc., with their associated little
snags, is getting a little old (it's getting cold up here in Michigan too.)
Why is it I can work on sophisticated, modern cars all day at work without a
hitch but as soon as I need to change a fuel filter on a simple diesel
engine I'm up until midnight? Oh, well... it IS all worth it when you see
the little kids wave or take friends for a ride and they giggle like 5 year
olds :^)

Anyways, my truck came from the Illinois National Guard, and the bumper
markings read: 86C-R342CHEM X212. I've got the "X212" part, but what
exactly does the rest mean? What is a "CHEM" unit and what are their
responsibilities? I've asked several people, and no one has ever heard of a
CHEM unit.

Also, I've heard some people on the list talk about their vehicle's history,
where it came from, when it was rebuilt, etc. I know the military keeps
records on all their vehicles, but how do I get a copy of it and how long do
they keep this info after a vehicle has left inventory? My truck was at the
DRMO for nearly a year, is there still any hope of getting this information?

As always, endless thanks to all...

Jay Keine

'71 M35A2
'65 M105A2

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