Re: [MV] Deuce Unit Markings
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 22:10:42 EDT

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<< Anyways, my truck came from the Illinois National Guard, and the bumper
markings read: 86C-R342CHEM X212. I've got the "X212" part, but what
exactly does the rest mean? What is a "CHEM" unit and what are their
responsibilities? I've asked several people, and no one has ever heard of a
CHEM unit.

Searching the net on this for you I found the following web site:
while not the exact unit you are looking for, these folk may be able to point
you in the right direction.

Also, I've heard some people on the list talk about their vehicle's history,
where it came from, when it was rebuilt, etc. I know the military keeps
records on all their vehicles, but how do I get a copy of it and how long do
they keep this info after a vehicle has left inventory?
not very long.
My truck was at the
DRMO for nearly a year, is there still any hope of getting this information?
If you can get ahold of the exact guard unit who had this truck they may
still have the maintanence log. Even if they don't, still well worth the
phone call and effort. To many of the guardsmen, each truck had its own
personality, and they could well have good stories to tell about your
vehicle. I have done this type research myself, and when I got to the right
guy, it was obvious from the detail he could describe he knew EXACTLY which
truck I had.

Good luck,

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