Re: [MV] M38A1 starter questions; help please.

Fri, 8 Oct 1999 01:26:17 -0700

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Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 9:58 AM

...>and good solid ground. When I kick the starter, it sounds like it's not
>fast enough. I say this, having no frame of reference as to how fast it
>should spin, or how it should sound. Best I can relay is that it sounds
>your car does when its really cold, you've let it sit outside all night and
>they you try to crank it over.
>Does this sound right, or might I be in need of a starter rebuild?
****** Check again to ensure you have good grounding and conmsider extra
ground straps. My 6V Willys MB was a weak starter. On my 1967 M38A1CDN2 I
once found my starter died on me when I was at a park. After I got it home,
I pulled the starter off, opened it up and the contact "T" piece inside fell
out - the rivet holding it had broken, so it flopped around and would not
make contact.

M38A1 safety tip - there is a clutch rod linkage under the driver's seat
under the chassis. It is about 6-10" long as I recall and it is a simple
peice of round streel rod, bent at each end, with a cotter pin holding it in
place at each end. It is a simple coonnector bar. I found out in the middle
of a busy bridge that it can saw through itself where the other rods link to
it as it is unlubricated metal - with 20-30 years of use... I am not one to
be able to shift gears without a clutch (on a standard) so I dared not take
the jeep out of gear. I would be stuck in neutral, or would stall if I
stopped with it in gear. This was not the time for me to experiment with
shifting without using the clutch. Luckily I was able to keep the jeep
moving and avoided stalling. I was able to keep rolling - if I hit a red
light I was luckily able to hang a right turn, then try to work myself back
towards my home. It was nerveracking!!!! BUT I made it about 5 miles through
the city to my home in Burnaby (at that time). I turned off the ignition in
my driveway - and luckily did not need a tow truck, and no police had
followed me home. I had to sell the old girl later (Canadian Army Number
CAR 67-07995) as I really wanted a WWII jeep.

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