[MV] Dual controls on a French M201

Lars-Uwe Rudek (Rudek@shh-hamburg.de)
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 15:00:42 +0200

One of my MBs was used by the Austrian Army
after the war.

This one was fitted dual controls for driving
instruction....but only clutch and brake padels.

When I got the Jeep it had been through many
private ownerships already and the dual padle
works had in the meantime been removed.

The holes in the floor panel are still there
and reinforcements on the cross member (gearbox)
as well as extra holes in the frame and welded on
brackets for pivots etc.

Has anyone else information on dual control
modified MB/GPW/M201 Jeeps and the layout
of the padle works ?

Also about right hand steering conversions ?

By the way, I met three German Wehrmacht
Veterans, who, being 17 years old in 1944/45, were
taken prisoner and in the POW camp learned
to drive on the JEEP, instructed by US soldiers !

Lars-Uwe Rudek
MVPA # 14836
MVT # 8119
T.E.A.M. # 2
- 42 MB
- 42 BANTAM T 3
- 44 MB
- 44 GPW
- 45 GPW

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