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In reference to the bumper numbers on your "new" truck. I used to drive a
truck marked "88C-R". At the time, I was a member of a unit that was
subordinate to the 88th Army Reserve Command. I suspect that "86C-R"
indicates that your truck came from a unit that was subordinate to the 86th
Army Reserve Command. 342 CHEM would seem to indicate that it belonged to
the 342nd Chemical Company. I've never worked in a Chemical Company, but I
had to learn a little bit about them during a previous assignment. They
handle testing for contamination by chemical agents, operation of smoke
generators (I've seen the generators mounted on M113 APC's), exchange of
Chemical Protective Uniforms (MOPP Suits), personnel decontamination (field
showers with special decontamination equipment), vehicle decontamination,
radiation monitoring, and probably a dozen other activities that I'm not
familiar with. Of course, the average Guard/Reserve unit won't actually deal
with real chemical agents; they'll train with simulated contaminants. Good
luck with your new "toy".


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Hi List,

I've had my deuce for about 3 weeks now and I am having a blast, even though

trying to change the oil, fuel filters, etc., with their associated little
snags, is getting a little old (it's getting cold up here in Michigan too.)
Why is it I can work on sophisticated, modern cars all day at work without a

hitch but as soon as I need to change a fuel filter on a simple diesel
engine I'm up until midnight? Oh, well... it IS all worth it when you see
the little kids wave or take friends for a ride and they giggle like 5 year
olds :^)

Anyways, my truck came from the Illinois National Guard, and the bumper
markings read: 86C-R342CHEM X212. I've got the "X212" part, but what
exactly does the rest mean? What is a "CHEM" unit and what are their
responsibilities? I've asked several people, and no one has ever heard of a
CHEM unit.

Also, I've heard some people on the list talk about their vehicle's history,

where it came from, when it was rebuilt, etc. I know the military keeps
records on all their vehicles, but how do I get a copy of it and how long do

they keep this info after a vehicle has left inventory? My truck was at the
DRMO for nearly a year, is there still any hope of getting this information?

As always, endless thanks to all...

Jay Keine

'71 M35A2
'65 M105A2

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