[MV] Interested in a repro Canadian OTTER Armoured Car?

James Burrill (jburrill@dttus.com)
08 Oct 1999 14:29:08 -0500

Hi list,

The recent successes of the Kooblecar and Mike Scholer's Sd. Kfz 233
has rekindled my interest in making a replica Canadian Otter armoured
truck.(there are about 6 left in the world, btw)

It will be a simpler, cheaper project than a made-from-scratch project
like the German vehicles. The frame, steering, tranny, and drive line
are the commonly available C-15 CMP chassis. I say common....in
Canada. But having brought a truck and a tank and another truck over
in a few weeks, it is no big deal to get the running gear. Chevy parts
can be had at NAPA and similer parts stores.

Here's the pitch: The biggest expense is the labour and set up of the
measurements for the cad controlled Plasma cutters. Once that is set
up, you simply swap sheet plate stock and have your second
(third-eigth, etc) hull peices cut out. Then you divide the set up
cost among the number of hulls.

This is not a project that is going to happen before the Bulge this
Jan, but how soon depends on the response.

I would like to see if anyone on the list is more than mildly
interested. Answering 'yes' does not lock you in to buying one. At
this point I don't know how much this will cost.

I do know you can get CMP C-15 frames and likly rebuildable chassis
with rough 13 cab sheet metal, no bed, for under 500 us$ and likely
less. Rebuild the motor with all new parts will run you another 1000.
Then the tyres(oops! tires) about 100 each and whats left is the hull.
A REAL rough guess at this point is a driveable vehicle at under
10,000.00 US$ And not all the money needed at one time.
Just think! a 1:1 scale model kit!

Three hulls would reduce the cost of only one hull by about half. A
few more would make it a lot more cost efficient. Some fittings like
the door hinges, view port mechanisms, stowage boxes and the turret
would also be cheaper if several were done at one time.

Although you would probably want to trailer it to events, it has
headlights and you are starting with a war-dated frame. Depending on
your state and insurance company, you might could license it as a
bonafied antique.

Ok, now the idea has been run up the flagpole...let's see if anyone
salutes it!

BTW, the Jerries are getting vehicle intensive. The Yanks always have
been, so now it's time for the Empire to take it's just place in the
battles rather than always being the "guys on the end".

According to BATF and US customs, WWII CMP soft skins vehicles are
still importable with only a bill of sale. No Form 6 needed. I also
didn't need one when I brought my Bren Carrier in this year. And I
called BATF in DC and US customs to verify that! Canadian titles only
needed if you plan on getting tags in the US. I have contacts in
Canada that are passing along discovered CMPs that they don't want to
pick up on themselves. If you want one, let me know.

Anyway, drop me a line if you are interested.

Jim Burrill

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