[MV] Parts for sale

Sat, 09 Oct 1999 00:19:39 +0000

It's time to clean out the garage and find a place to
park my new mule, so here are some things I am going to

NOS 24v 25 Amp generators, new but do have a few
scratches in the paint from handling $140.00

Lead seal and wire, used to seal governors, carbs and
other items to prevent unauthorized tampering. These
make great finishing touches for your restoration. Fresh
from the Govt boxes dated 1967. 10 for $7.50 or a box of
100 for $50.00(for you guys that do a lot of restoration
or who just can't resist tinkering with your governor
all the time)

NOS M-715 air cleaners, early flat style. New in box

WWII British gas cans, dated 1943-45. (These look great
on a WWII us vehicle, what GI could resist snatching a
can that could pour right into the tank without a
spout.) $25.00

I am also willing to trade for the following items:

M-274 seats and side rails

4hn 24v battery for my genset.

Any interesting manuals

All items located in Western NC

Any interesting M-38/A1,M-422,MB-GPW parts, what do you
Tim Glance

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