[MV] Military Vehicles FOR SALE

Fri, 8 Oct 1999 20:21:41 EDT

All are located in Tracy City, Tennessee.
M37s very good shape, most are running, good bodies ex Forestry service-
starting at $2800.00
5 Ton Wreckers 3 to choose from 2- M62 gas burners starting at $8500.00 , 1
M819 Cummins diesel, very nice condition starting at $15,500.00.
2 Chevy WW II Carryalls K51 Vans good shape starting at $7500.00
10 Ton Tractor- a real beauty only 4600 miles. $ 16,500

PLEASE CALL 931-592-3601/3601/FAX 9125 OR E_MAIL ME OR

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