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Rich Weinkauf (
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 22:24:10 -0400

Hi Jay,

I'm a Deuce owner here in Michigan too, I wonder what part of the state you
are in?

Anyway, my truck served with the Delaware Army National Guard, and I have
had some luck contacting the Public Affairs Office with my requests. The
numbers for the Public Affairs Office of the Illinois Army National Guard

Phone Numbers and E-Mail Addresses:
MAJ Mark Hurley (217) 761-3567
LTC Lesa McManigell (217) 761-3643
MAJ Tim Franklin (217) 761-3569
CW3 Harry "Bud" Roberts (217) 761-3526
SrA Stacey Rieger (217) 761-3569

The above comes from their web site at:

Most of my historical knowledge of the truck comes from scraping through
layers of paint to discover the various markings. My truck was in the 116th
MASH with the DE-ARNG for most of its life (3 separate paint jobs all with
these markings), then ended its service, still in the DE-ARNG with the 261st
Signal Brigade.

I have a call and email request into the DE-ARNG Public Affairs Office. I
actually got farther when I mistakenly called the DE Air National Guard
first- got lots of Maintenance Yard phone numbers from a very helpful

Hope this helps,


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> Anyways, my truck came from the Illinois National Guard, and the bumper
> markings read: 86C-R342CHEM X212.
> Also, I've heard some people on the list talk about their vehicle's
> where it came from, when it was rebuilt, etc.

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