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> Gotta buy the junction blocks separately. There are much better
> reproductions exactly like the originals, made with phenolic resin
> impregnated cloth- buy these, and forget about the plastic ones which
> were
> being pushed a few years ago.

We know this substance (in Australia) as "Micarta" (pronounced
it was a more up market alternative to bakelite and much stronger. It
has been all but impossible to obtain for years. Very interesting that
someone is re-making it now for the restorer.
If you need to cut it to size, the smell is very distinctive and always
remembered (not at all objectionable).

It's primary usage was in the electrical industry (hence it's use for
junction block bases on vehicles) but can also be enountered in
applications other than electrics, such as handles and knobs on some
It will last a long time if kept out of the weather and direct sunlight.


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