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Sun, 10 Oct 1999 21:03:06 -0700

That's what I thought was the problem with my M-151A2...It would warm up,
then quit....Until I replaced all the ignition parts.......and it made no

I replaced the fuel filter, and it ran great for 5 minutes (until it warmed
up), then the same thing again....

Two weekends of troubleshooting later....I finally figured it out!

Bottom line:

The fuel filter was clogged with particles. When the Jeep was shut off (or
quit), the particles would drop off the filter screen and flow could resume.
Start the Jeep, and pressure from the fuel pump would clog the filter again
in short order. Bleed off pressure and it flows again...

I hooked up a fuel pressure gauge and discovered that fuel pressure remained
at about 8 PSI after the engine was shut down. Because of the nature of the
bypass valve in the A2 carburetor (prevents vapor lock), the pressure should
have dropped instantly when the engine was shut off.

I installed a large, see through disposable filter in the line. It lasted
about 40 miles until the engine quit again. The filter was not only clogged,
the mesh had started to collapse! Luckily I had purchased 4 of them and had
the extra filters and tools in the Jeep. Three minutes later I was back on
the road. End of problem!

Look for water in the bottom of the tank, make sure your tank isn't rusty
and dropping off rust flakes. I poisoned my own Jeep by putting in dirty
fuel. The above may not be your situation, but don't rule out the less

BK (embarrased to tell this story!)

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Subject: [MV] Coil failure question?

> I assume this is the same thing that happened the night before in the
> garage. Coil got too hot and shut down. When it cools down it works fine
> ..... till it heats up again.

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