Sun, 10 Oct 1999 20:20:53 -0600

Hi list!!

OK all you new HUMMER owners. I have USGI HUMMER trailers for sale. These
are NOS, yes NOS, no really NOS. They were bought by a civilian contractor
for a large contract to put radar stuff in them. These are the few that they
did not use out of the 100 or so. They have all been sitting outside for 5
years so the paint is faded as is the out side of the tops. The inside is as
new and fresh as the day they were made. They also have the new series tires
on them ( little tits on the tires and all ). They also have two stabalizing
jacks on the back so you can disconnect them from the vehicle and walk
around in it. Current cost from the factory on them is $9250.00 My cost to
you is $6500.00 (Remember NOS). Even when these finally get out of the
system they will be beat and such. These are all aluminum except for the
frame and such just like the hummer. Email me off the list & I will also
send you a bunch of pictures to look at. Located in Phoenix, AZ USA.


Dan Parmley Jr.
Tactical Vehicle Depot
M37 (USMC) 1951
M101A1 trailer (USMC) 196?
M756A2 pipeline truck (Seabees) 1969
M2A2 105mm Howitzer 1952
M2A2 105mm Howitzer 194?
XM34 (Little John) Rocket Launcher 1960
M274A1 Mule 19??
+ other trailers

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