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Antoine (
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You're not alone!
Same thing happened to me for letting the MB sit down undriven
for almost a year, without having taken proper storage
precautions (My excuse is that I did not know at the time it
would be so long until I would come back)... Everything was a
mess...rusted fuel tank, separated fuel components eating
through the mesh in the filler goo everywhere...and
of course since I insisted to try to start the jeep (it took me
a while to finally open the tank and smell the sh*!- in there) I
now have to remove the head, check and clean or replace the
valves, clean and lap the seats, clean the fuel lines and the
carb, repair the fuel pump with a kit, clean and change the fuel
filter element etc...
Since I can't do it myself ( I am 6,000 miles away) it will cost
me about $800, including a brand new tank...
Now, if you are embarassed, what do you think of this here

43 Willys MB
43 MBT Trailer
Harley-Davidson 42 WLA
Harley-Davidson 42 XA (x2)
MVPA #14803, MVCG France
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> Look for water in the bottom of the tank, make sure your tank
isn't rusty
> and dropping off rust flakes. I poisoned my own Jeep by
putting in dirty
> fuel. The above may not be your situation, but don't rule out
the less
> obvious!
> BK (embarrased to tell this story!)

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