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>Q. Does anyone know of any other armour with a longer production run than
>the FV-
> 701 and its many variations thereof?
In actuality the FV701, 703, 704, 711 and 712 were all made over a 20yr
production timescale but they served for over 40yrs. There may well be other
armour with a longer production run.

>Q. The FV-701 was a true marvel of British design and many consider it was
> surpassed. Several FV's made an attempt, none seem to have lasted
>very long.
> Does anyone know if there anything on the drawing board for a
> replacement for the coming millennia?
In the UK this would fall under The Official Secrets Act, as does anything
governmental by default, so there is little chance of finding out just yet.
Theoretically the task is covered by the CVR(T) vehicles together with Saxon and
Warrior to an extent, not forgetting the contribution now made by electronic
intelligence gathering.

>Q. Who was the designer of the original FV-701?
The specification was drawn up in 1947 and a development contract let in 1948 to
the Daimler Company of Coventry, it was to follow the highly successful Dingo
they made for W.W.II but up-dated and incorporating the latest automotive
thinking with a standardised RR B Range engine.
Alvis Motors took over as design authority in the 60's.

>Q. How was the "lean to" affixed to the vehicle during encampment and what
> "C.E.S." actually mean when refering to the entrenching gear?
Pass; this might be better directed to Bovington for truly accurate detail.
C.E.S. stands for Complete Equipment Schedule and refers to all the common and
vehicle non-specific items needed to make the vehicle and crew self-sufficient
on an assigned task. The CES for Mk1 and Mk2 vehicles lists 47 items
to be carried under the major headings of:
Mechanics tools
Pioneer tools
Drivers and crew equipment
Other equipment
Weapons equipment
Additional items

For instance the listing of pioneer tools covers:
Matchet sheath
Pickaxe head
Pickaxe helve

>Q. What was the largest weapon ever mounted on any of the FV-701-702-703
> variations? ( I've discovered the Hispano 20mm and the Oerlikon 20mm
> both tried, were there others? )
The FV712 Mk5 of course became the Fox with a 30mm Rarden cannon and also
mounted the Swingfire ATM system developed from the BAC Vigilant ATM of the
Mk2/6. In 1988 Alvis made a prototype version with alloy armour ("80") and the
running gear of a Mk4; powered by a Perkins Phaser turbo diesel driving through
a Chrysler A727 auto transmission. This was variously armed with the 25mm
Hughes chain gun or TOW ATM's. No production vehicles were made.

(Southampton UK)

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