[MV] FV-701-703 Questions

Sun, 10 Oct 1999 20:53:55 EDT

Q. Does anyone know of any other armour with a longer production run than
the FV-
701 and its many variations thereof?

Q. The FV-701 was a true marvel of British design and many consider it was
surpassed. Several FV's made an attempt, none seem to have lasted
very long.
Does anyone know if there anything on the drawing board for a
replacement for the coming millennia?

Q. Who was the designer of the original FV-701?

Q. How was the "lean to" affixed to the vehicle during encampment and what
"C.E.S." actually mean when refering to the entrenching gear?

Q. What was the largest weapon ever mounted on any of the FV-701-702-703
variations? ( I've discovered the Hispano 20mm and the Oerlikon 20mm
both tried, were there others? )

FYI... except for the "lean to" question, these questions have all come up at

Many thanks... jack

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