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> 701 and its many variations thereof?

You have probably mystified 99% of the subscribers to this list with

I know what your are talking about, but even though I own one, I barely
recognised the FV number.

One thing the English have proved good at is giving their vehicles
NAMES - using them makes life a lot easier.

The only English armoured vehicle that anyone refers to by it's FV
is the FV 432 and family, this is because there was a trade name clash
with a car manufacturer, so for legal reasons they are rarely called a
"Trojan". (English APC equivalent to the US M113 vehicle family.)

To try an answer your questions about Ferrets:

> Q. Does anyone know of any other armour with a longer production
> run than the FV- 701 and its many variations thereof?

Not off the top of my head. What about the Centurion?

> Q. Does anyone know if there anything on the drawing board for a
> modernized replacement for the coming millennia?

I would like to know too.

> Q. How was the "lean to" affixed to the vehicle during encampment and

My manual mentions nothing about this, but it is an early one, what is
your reference source?

> what does "C.E.S." actually mean when refering to the entrenching gear?

It doesn't, CES stands for "Complete Equipment Schedule" and that means
all the spanners, do-dads, gun mounts, grease guns and 50 other things
that the military want on a vehicle, but which are not part of the
vehicle itself.
As far as "entrenching gear" do you mean "de-ditching"?
If so, I asked the same question of some ex-Royal Armoured Corps
people whilst I was in England and was assured that
the "de-ditching channels" you see attached to the front of Ferrets in
military photo's were not part of the CES but were issued on an "as
needed" basis. Quite how anyone knew in advance when they were going to
get bogged and where, so that they could put in a "requie" is a puzzle,
when I pointed that out I got a shrug.


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