Re: [MV] Coil failure question?
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:49:20 EDT

Mark wrote:

>I got the jeep running, and the kids were thrilled. Me too!!
>Decided to take a very short test drive. Completed one
>circuit... of course, half way around the block the fire
>to the plugs quits. Just like someone threw a switch.
>Everything else electrical still functioned
>just fine, but no power to the plugs.

Are you certain there was no spark? The symptom is exactly like the trouble
I had with my '51 M38 ... I could drive a block or two and then the power
just disappeared suddenly and the engine died. Sat beside the road for a few
minutes and then it would start again.

It turned out to be fuel lines were full of rust particles - the engine could
draw fuel thru them for a few minutes but as they packed up it finally was
too restricted to suck through. Let the vehicle sit a awhile and then it
could draw fuel again for a short time. I replaced the fuel lines, filter,
and cleaned and coated the inside of the tank (where the rust was coming

Steve Johnston

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