Re: [MV] Dry cleaning solvent

Everett Doyle (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 18:56:43 -0500

I bought some at govt. auction - I understand from local dry cleaners that
there are more than one "dry cleaning solvent" the one military is referring
to is what I used to buy from industrial chemical supplier and sell to clean
tar from automobiles - drys very fast leaves no residue - VERY FLAMMABLE - I
am having to go back several years I think it was call "xyelene" I am sure
that someone can correct me on this
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Subject: [MV] Dry cleaning solvent

> a green can that said "SOLVENT, CLEANING, DRY" and took a whiff, I'd
> probably know what it was made out of...// that is what I bought I still
have some if you want I can look on can and see if it gives any information

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