Re: [MV] Dry cleaning solvent

jonathon (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 22:49:26 -0500

>My memory is a little fuzzy on some of this, but I believe
>carbontetrachloride had been used as a dry cleaning solvent for many years.
>It may be banned as a carcinogen now.

True, it also was/is used as a refrigerant, R14 I believe.

>These days dry cleaners use "perc" or perchloroethylene as a solvent which
>is listed by the EPA as a "probable human carcinogen". Remember that next
>time you pick up your dry cleaning.

There are "safe" cleaners that can be purchased from electronics supply
outlets. Do not use brake cleaner or electric motor cleaner unless you test
any plastics and paint first. If your in doubt the best thing to use on any
electronics is iso-propal alchohol. You can buy it from some drug stores
but be sure your getting the higher concentration stuff that does not have
denaturing acgents in it. Or, again, just go to an elecronics parts type
distributor/supplier. Actually Grainger has a number of (actuall dozens)
aeorosol cleaners, some of which are good for electronics. I've bought some
from them in the past but I don't recall which type off hand.


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