[MV] M109A3 AC power cable... Grrr!

Mon, 11 Oct 1999 22:36:18 -0700

I've been batting zero trying to locate the proper cable (or at least
connector) to mate with the AC power entrance receptacle on the upper
right corner of the front of the van body of my M109A3 shop van. I've
tried many surplus vendors, and even tried calling NAPCO (an actual
defense supplier). Part of the problem is that I don't know anything
about the cable itself... just the NSN of the connector on the van
that it plugs into (2590-00-441-8746). The cable and/or mating
connector do not seem to be listed anywhere in my 3-foot-tall stack of
2.5-ton manuals. :-(

The AC power input recaptacle is a BIG two-pin connector (with
grounded shell, presumably), about 3" in diameter. According the the
parts manuals for the truck, it is rated at 60 amps. I have a picture
of it on my web page (follow the Mark's Green Truck Page link, then
click on the picture of my truck, then scroll down and click on the
small picture of the connector to see it). It is *not* the same as the
2-pin slave receptacle on the cab body; it's about twice as big, and
has other significant mechanical differences. I am *not* going to
modify or replace the connector; I want to find the right plug to plug
into it, and do any necessary adapting to various civilian power
sources at the other end of the cable.

Can anybody provide any of the following information about the correct
cable and/or connector to mate with the power input receptacle?

1. Description
2. NSN
3. Manufacturer
4. Any generic part numbers, product line names, etc. for the
5. Picture or drawing
6. A source to buy one

I've already tried Memphis, Antelope Valley, Richard Greene, SECO,
Surplus City, Owens Export, NAPCO, MVP, and a few others that I
forgot... most of them had never seen one, and the ones who had didn't
have any. I even did some fruitless searching on the DRMS site... none
of the descriptions of any of the power cables up for sale had
sufficient detail, and even the description of the receptacle on the
van was pretty useless. I plan to inspect the connector on the van
very closely this weekend to see if there's any more information on it
that I missed before.

This has been the hardest part to find for my truck so far!

Thanks in advance for any help...

Mark J. Blair, KE6MYK <mblair1@home.net>
PGP 2.6.2 public key available from http://pgp.ai.mit.edu/
Web page: http://www.qsl.net/ke6myk/

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