[MV] Cross Refrence Guide

Tue, 12 Oct 1999 00:43:06 +0000

I have, after scrounging for a few years, come into
possession of a very large library of various civilian
and military parts books. I am now toying with the idea
of publishing cross reference guides to various military
vehicles for parts such as filters, u-joints, brake
parts, water pumps, belts, clutch parts, light bulbs,
fuel pumps, gaskets, bearings etc. I would put several
vehicles in each one, such as the first one will be
MB/GPW, M-38,M-38A1,M-151/A1/A2. the second would most
likely cover M-135/211, M-35, and M-51. The rest would
depend on what people asked for. These would list the
military stock # or nsn and various manufacturers and
their part numbers. I would also list parts that can be
substituted for the originals. I have spent enough of my
time in front of a parts counter with a guy saying "M-
what?" and realize how much easier it is to go into a
store with a civilian part # ready.

The guides would sell for aprox. $25. The process of
putting them together would be very time consuming and I
need to get an idea if there is enough interest out
there to make it worthwhile. If anyone has any feedback
please let me know.

Tim Glance
Clyde, NC
1942 BSA airborne bicycle
1944 Navy Bomb trailer MK IV
194? jeep salad
1952 M-38
1952 M-38A1 + M-100
1953 M-38A1 USMC
1961 M-422A1
1962 Unimog 404.114
1966 M-274A2

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