[MV] How to plug oil filter on GPW

Bob Kelly (rkelly@firstunion-reit.com)
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 14:09:56 -0400

I have read in the All American Wonder Vol 1, that a certain individual
recommended blocking off the inlet to the oil filter. He stated that because
of the bypass type flow, this was an inefficient system and might actually
take oil volume away from main bearings, etc. I was curious to see if anyone
has actually done that.

I ask because last night, I was just puttering around and decided that since
I havent had a chance to look and actually see if the components were there
for the filter, as I just got the GPW, I pulled the element out, checked the
bottom of the cannister for crud and just put everything back together the
way it was. All the while I had been charging the battery and decided to see
how well she started with a fresh full charge. It started right up. As the
hood was still up, I couldn't see anything. As I watched, the oil pressure
hesitated, and then just dropped off. I immediately shut the engine down.
What the...!!?? So I get out of the drivers seat and step in a HUGE puddle
of oil. There is a LARGE quantity of engine oil splattered all over the
ENTIRE engine compartment, the wall and my truck, which was parked next to
it. There is so much oil, that I can't immediately tell where it came from.
I fill the oil, wipe things up and have the wife come out (she is mortified
at the mess I have made... honeybunch, this is not the time for comments)
and crank it over. It fires up and just gushes oil from the oil filter
cannister cap.

Yeah. So anyways, I don't know if I simply broke a seal on the oil filter
cannister or the fellow that owned this before me had it blocked off already
and I shook the plug loose or something. Frankly, I don't care. I want the
gushing and flying oil to stop. As it is, I suggest you all buy stock in the
company that makes engine cleaner and degreaser, because I have alot of work
to do to clean up. Oh yeah, I got in my truck which was parked outside all
night and turned on the wipers to get the dew off and - oh yeah - theres oil
on my windshield too.

GPW??? Is it the top line that connects to the side? Where is the best place
for the stoppage? Is there a way to seal the cannister lid instead? Do you
guys even think it is a good idea to plug off the filter? Am I the only
person that this has happened to?

Regards, a seriously bummed out,

Bob Kelly

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