Re: [MV] How to plug oil filter on GPW

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Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:46:39 -0600

Here is how the Army did it...A lead shot pellet was used. I used to cut a
very small slot down the side of the pellet...Puy it on the exit side of the must (not sure if "must" is really true) let a small amount of
oil out to lube the timing chain (or gears).. Oil pressure was increased
slightly.. Keep the oil changed a little more often. I changed mine about
every 12 to 1500 miles. Always looked like new. 1SG PANTANO
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Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 4:40 PM
Subject: [MV] How to plug oil filter on GPW

>I have read in the All American Wonder Vol 1, that a certain individual
>recommended blocking off the inlet to the oil filter. He stated that
>of the bypass type flow, this was an inefficient system and might actually
>take oil volume away from main bearings, etc. I was curious to see if
>has actually done that.
>I ask because last night, I was just puttering around and decided that
>I havent had a chance to look and actually see if the components were there
>for the filter, as I just got the GPW, I pulled the element out, checked
>bottom of the cannister for crud and just put everything back together the
>way it was. All the while I had been charging the battery and decided to
>how well she started with a fresh full charge. It started right up. As the
>hood was still up, I couldn't see anything. As I watched, the oil pressure
>hesitated, and then just dropped off. I immediately shut the engine down.
>What the...!!?? So I get out of the drivers seat and step in a HUGE puddle
>of oil. There is a LARGE quantity of engine oil splattered all over the
>ENTIRE engine compartment, the wall and my truck, which was parked next to
>it. There is so much oil, that I can't immediately tell where it came from.
>I fill the oil, wipe things up and have the wife come out (she is mortified
>at the mess I have made... honeybunch, this is not the time for comments)
>and crank it over. It fires up and just gushes oil from the oil filter
>cannister cap.
>Yeah. So anyways, I don't know if I simply broke a seal on the oil filter
>cannister or the fellow that owned this before me had it blocked off
>and I shook the plug loose or something. Frankly, I don't care. I want the
>gushing and flying oil to stop. As it is, I suggest you all buy stock in
>company that makes engine cleaner and degreaser, because I have alot of
>to do to clean up. Oh yeah, I got in my truck which was parked outside all
>night and turned on the wipers to get the dew off and - oh yeah - theres
>on my windshield too.
>GPW??? Is it the top line that connects to the side? Where is the best
>for the stoppage? Is there a way to seal the cannister lid instead? Do you
>guys even think it is a good idea to plug off the filter? Am I the only
>person that this has happened to?
>Regards, a seriously bummed out,
>Bob Kelly
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