Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:36:04 -0600

Hello List,

My 2 cents on the election process with the MVPA.

I joined the MVCC/ IMVCC/MVPA in 1985 in that time I have become an ex MVPA
member but not by choice. The (SOME) of leaders of the MVPA at the time I
had never even hear of but voted on my removal based on a highly
inflammatory letter generated by (at that time, currently this person is a
board member and the one that lost the last election in a land slide except
for the Italian MVPA members that voted in a "block" for this guy, then he
won!) an MVPA member. I have yet to legally deal with this individual and
enlighten him on the consequences of slander and defamation of character.

The reason I am writing the list is to give you a couple of people you DO,
UNDERLINE, DO want to vote for. These people are credible and true
collectors not people looking for a status symbol by having this job. I as
do many other serious collectors praise these guys for there true work on
and in the MVPA. These would be as follows:

Frank Buck
Garrick Smith
Kenton Tucker
Jim Gilmore (If we can get behind him and get him in)

Also there are other people who do a great job with the club but these three
without a doubt will work for you, for us. I have found them to be above
board and common sense based.


Dan Parmley Jr.
Tactical Vehicle Depot
M37 (USMC) 1951
M101A1 trailer (USMC) 196?
M756A2 pipeline truck (Seabees) 1969
M2A2 105mm Howitzer 1952
M2A2 105mm Howitzer 194?
XM34 (Little John) Rocket Launcher 1960
M274A1 Mule 19??
+ other trailers

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